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Chiang Mai Atmosphere:
3 Days 2 Nights.

JC Tour Chiang Mai or Chiang Mai Tour with JC Tour is the best thing to do in the northern part of Thailand. JC Tour-Chiang Mai is the local tour provider in Chiang Mai, around Chiang Mai or every tour in the north.

The package takes you to the original true north - soul, traditional, life style, passing the beautiful places of Chiang Mai.

The trip was about Chiang Mai province. All interesting places such as historical, temples or Beautiful fresh nature areas consist of this package already, as well as all must go places.

All of your emotion can be determined by this tour package, but happiness is left. We recommend reading all the details of illustration and program before submitting the booking. Or.. to make sure to get full details to be the composition of your last consideration, just contacts: Whatsapp : +66848053153 Line Id: @jctour or Call +66895727603.

Mon Jam hills range - 365 days fresh.

Chiang Mai Atmosphere Chiang Mai Atmosphere Chiang Mai Atmosphere
Chiang Mai Atmosphere Chiang Mai Atmosphere Chiang Mai Atmosphere

At Mon Jam is located in the beautiful zone of Chiang Mai province; a nature flowers garden, the tourists can walk into the middle by the bamboo handmade sky walk along the cliff. The surrounding is a fruit garden, tea garden and the other green trees are covered by the white fog and fresh cool weather all year. As you are standing on the Jam hill (Mon Jam) you will feel like floating on the heavens.

Tribe vehicle + canopy walk + handicraft center.

Chiang Mai Atmosphere Chiang Mai Atmosphere Chiang Mai Atmosphere
Chiang Mai Atmosphere Chiang Mai Concerns Chiang Mai Atmosphere

Walking to see the agent forest on top, driving the mountain tribe's wooden car, seeing the art painting at a hand made factory, and visiting the beautiful nature place around is the main idea of this package.

Doi Inthanon - highest hill of the north.

Chiang Mai Atmosphere Chiang Mai Atmosphere Chiang Mai Atmosphere
Chiang Mai Atmosphere Chiang Mai Atmosphere Chiang Mai Atmosphere

Only the one, the tourism place hidden amid the agent forest on the top hill. On the way from the foothills to the top is surrounded by the beautiful scenery along. The interesting points such as forest waterfall, flower garden, 500 years trees and others. On the top is the location of 2 grand pagodas with a very interesting story and nice overview around.

Activities on Doi Inthanon

Chiang Mai Atmosphere Chiang Mai Atmosphere Chiang Mai Atmosphere
Chiang Mai Atmosphere Chiang Mai Atmosphere Chiang Mai Atmosphere

Walking on the short trekking way, 1000 years of roses, waterfall, mountain tribe market and village and the vegetable farm. All the things you have seen make your soul fresh.

Under ground historical city + Doi Kam pagoda

Chiang Mai Atmosphere Chiang Mai Atmosphere Chiang Mai Atmosphere
Chiang Mai Atmosphere Chiang Mai Atmosphere Chiang Mai Atmosphere

The ancient city was built underground longer than 1000 years ago. The city was discovered by archaeologists and it has come to be one of the most interesting tourist places of Chiang Mai. This city is called Vieang Kum Kam.

Up to the mountain called Doi Kam, there is the first temple older than 1300 years old located on the top. There are so many interesting things of the old temple to see as well as the 360 degree view of Chiang Mai province land below. This temple is named "Phra That Doi Kham temple.

Doi Suthep, (A must reach place of Chiang Mai)

Chiang Mai Atmosphere Chiang Mai Atmosphere Chiang Mai Atmosphere
Chiang Mai Atmosphere Chiang Mai Atmosphere Chiang Mai Atmosphere

The things you must do and see in Chiang Mai: going up to Doi Suthep (Suthep Hill) which is the fine temple of Chiang Mai located - Phra That Doi Suthep. Beautiful area and overview of Chiang Mai city.

Upper from the temple is the location of the northern palace (Bhubing Ratchanivech palace) which is decorated look like the heaven (if there is the heaven is true)

The open safari- Chiang Mai night safari.

Chiang Mai Atmosphere Chiang Mai Atmosphere Chiang Mai Atmosphere
Chiang Mai Atmosphere Chiang Mai Atmosphere Chiang Mai Atmosphere

The open zoo, all happy animals living life in their natural ways. The electric car moves slowly (No noise to disturb animals living life) passing to see the strange animal as they walk happily. The area of this open safari is very wide and separated to be 4 parts; funny shows, Night zoo, entertainment and restaurant. We visited all along.

The best of rooms and Location means Movenpick Hotel.

Chiang Mai Atmosphere Chiang Mai Atmosphere Chiang Mai Atmosphere
Chiang Mai Atmosphere Chiang Mai Atmosphere Chiang Mai Atmosphere

The best of world standard: Movenpick Chiang Mai is located on the trade center of Chiang Mai night bazaar. That makes your holiday more fun with nightlife after seeing many nice things by day tour. All the facilities and cleanliness room of this world class hotel is no need to explain. "No one can meets the miss hope from Movenpick"

Day 1 The private van (just for your group) with the private tour guide, being ready and welcoming you at the airport by showing a board with your name at the in gate.

- Stop the first place for underground cities - ancient towns. Seeing the place by horse carriage. This ancient island is considered to be an unseen Thailand destination.

- Go up to Doi Come - the old 1300 years with a nice pagoda and see the overview of Chiang Mai green sea for 360 degrees around.
12:00 PM: Stop for lunch at a hillside restaurant.

- Afternoon time, visiting the Doi Su Thep. Start to see and show respect to the holy shrine of Inspector monk (Kru ba) who was the first developer of the road up to the hill.

- Reach Doi Suthep! The temple on this hill is considered to be the most beautiful in the north in the way of lanna art. The temple can be the representative of northern tradition and art.

- More higher upon the mountain, the flower garden around the place looks like heaven, the location of Bhu Ping palace. We stop to discover all the areas.
17:00 PM: Check in at Movenpick hotel night bazaar, a nice location on Chiang Mai trade center and traditional Chiang Mai people. Nice to highlight by walking along the road in front of the hotel.
19:00 PM: Your private car from Jc.Tour picks you up from the hotel for having a special dinner of north - Kan Tok dinner with the traditional shows of mountain tribe and northern custom dance.
21:00 PM: Back to the hotel. Yes, the nightlife in town is still open until midnight.

Day 2 Breakfast - long line of buffet with variety choices, started to serve from 06:00 AM.
08:00 AM: Your tour guide say "hello." The car picks up from the hotel and ahead to Doi Inthanon.
10:00 AM: It Reached the top of Doi Inthanon at 2565 meters high. Start to discover the places from the first step at the hill foot to the top.
10:30 AM: Jungle walk by bamboo bridge to see the nature of agent forest. There are many hard to find plantations and trees together with the forest flowers.

- On the top of Inthanon hill, there are 2 grand pagodas, visit them. Around the area with so many beautiful nature points and view green points.
12:00 PM: Friendship restaurant located on the waterfall side, serves a nice delicious lunch with a variety north menu. We have lunch here.
13:00 PM: The Mong tribe (A tribe of mountain people) has a market for their agricultural products. All fruits, vegetables and others are picked directly from the garden in real time. (guarantee for fresh)
14:00 PM: Stop at the agriculture research station of the Thai government, seeing the strange high value plants in plant experimental plots. It is very interesting.

- Stop at the waterfall nearby - Wachiratarn waterfall on the cliff-760 meters high from the sea level.
17:30 PM: Back to hotel, relax and leisure time with the convenience facilities of the 5 stars hotel.
18:30 PM: Your private car picks up for "Chiang Mai night safari"

- But before the excitement started, we served  dinner.
21:00 PM: Back to the hotel at "night bazaar", before going to bed, we recommend walking a long way to go shopping or stop to listen to whisky blue live music at "blue boy bar.."

Day 3 Breakfast starts to serve at 06:00 AM, nice, variety and delicious buffet line of breakfast. Enjoy it.
08:30 AM: Check out and leave  your bags in the private car, tour guide and driver will look after. And we leave the hotel for Mon Jam hill.
09:00 AM: The high romance place on Mon Jam hill, stand on the hill and see the complex of more than 10 hills in front. The cool fresh weather, beautiful fog floats passing your body, and nature is all around you. This place is near heaven - if the heaven is true.
10:00 AM: The fun activity, drive the wooden hand made car of the mountain tribe. Great fun, looks  impossible, but you can for sure.
10:30 AM: Walking up the canopy walkway, the high bridge is high as the same level with the tree in the forest, make you feel that you can touch the ancient trees, get the real feeling of safari.
12:00 PM: Enjoy lunch at a nearby mountain restaurant.
13:00 PM: Leave the restaurant to the handicraft village - Boh Sang Sun Kampang. Silk text tie by hand, nice art on a mulberry paper umbrella. All in all, the products from this village can be a great souvenir for your nice person.
15:00 PM: Baan Mon temple, the holy bodhi tree is standing on the temple. Show respect and make wishes  (if you need) As well as sightseeing around the temple to see the ancient buildings.
16:00 PM: A little bit shopping at the souvenir center of Chiang Mai, before stopping at the package.
17:30 PM: The nice and polite driver, tour guide take you to the Airport 1.30 hours before your plane takes off - the service team says "Farewell". At the airport.

If you love to customize as a personal favorite, just click to send your request.

Adult 14,500 Baht/Adult (Double Room)
Child: 8,500 Baht/Child (3-10 years)

Tour package includes

  • Top hygiene car with driver as private service and standby 24 hours whole time of the package
  • Private tour guide service with standby 24 hours whole time of the package
  • All tours and activities for 3 days following the program.
  • All entrance fee to the places
  • Accommodation: deluxe room of Movenpick Chiangmai
  • All meals.
  • Insurance both inbound and outbound for tourists for full channels.

Booking Inquiry First

Chiang Mai Atmosphere Chiang Mai Atmosphere

Remark: This trip is all right reserved provided by JC Tour only, there is no any sub agent for sale in any OTA (Online Travel Agent)

Why Jc.Tour?:

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  • Before, During and After the service, you can contact us 24 hours.
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